The Wattersons are the main characters in the series, Houseters Gumball. They are the neighbors of The Robinsons except Rocky. Despite being a tight family, they are known to have very serious arguments at times (as shown in The Family Battle.)


The Watterson family is quite unusual; they consist of two rabbits, two cats, and a goldfish. Gumball and Nicole are both blue cats, while Anais and Richard are both pink rabbits. Darwin is a goldfish and was originally the family pet until he grew legs, gained the ability to speak, and became able to eat food other than fish flakes. Darwin is also the only family member who is not a cat or a rabbit. A grandfather was mentioned in The Lost Darwin. Then there is Granny Jojo, a pink rabbit, who is their grandma on Richard's side.


  • Gumball Watterson: Son of Nicole and Richard - Brother to Darwin and Anais. Is a blue cat, aged 13.
  • Darwin Watterson: Adopted son of Nicole and Richard - Adopted brother to Gumball and Anais. Is a goldfish, aged 10.
  • Anais Watterson: Daughter of Nicole and Richard - Sister to Gumball and Darwin. Pink rabbit, aged 5.
  • Nicole Watterson: Mother to Gumball, Darwin, and Anais - Wife of Richard. Blue cat, aged 45.
  • Richard Watterson: Father to Gumball, Darwin, and Anais - Husband of rabbit, aged 46.
  • Granny Jojo: Grandmother to Gumball, Darwin and Anais - Mother of Richard - Mother-in-Law of Nicole. Pink rabbit, aged 68.
  • Grandpa Watterson: Grandfather to Gumball, Darwin, and Anais as mentioned in "The Lost Darwin" -the father of Richard and Father in law to Nicole Watterson and the wife to Granny Jojio. Howard Watterson : Great Grandfather to Gumball,Drawin and Anais and the grandfather to Richard. Robert Watterson Richard "s Older Half brother.Half Uncle to Gumball and Drawin and Anais .And the brother In alw to Nicole.Steve Fisherman maternal grandfather to Gumball and Drawin and Anais. and the father to Nicole and Mrs Fisherman and the grandmother to Watterson Kids.Ricky Cousin to Gumball and Drawin and Anais Robert 's Son.He is a purple bunny with a pickle in it.Marge Watterson Richard's younger sister and the aunt to Gumball and Drawin and Anais.Peepmaw Richard Russian 's maternal half brother and uncle to Gumball.Rose Fisherman Nicole's Twin sister and Aunt to Gumball and Drawin and Anais. Lamar Fisherman Nicole "older brother Uncle to Gumball and Drawin and Anais.Stan Gumaball's second cousin he is one of Richard Cousin son.Toasthead Marge's Son and the cousin to Gumball and Drawin and Anais and.B.Joey Watterson Richard possibly one of his cousin or the cousin to Gumball,Drawin and Anais.Dr Carrblesnitch Nicole's maternal uncle Great uncle to Gumball and Drawin and Anais Grandpa Carbblesnitch :Gumball Great grandfather from his mother side and Grandma Roll Carblesnitch Nicole grandmother and great grandmother to her kids.Sister Carrblesnitch Aunt to Nicole and Grandaunt to Gumball and Drawin and Anais. And 68.