Margaret Robinson
Margaret Robinson
Character Information
Gender: Female
Also known as: Mrs. Robinson(only by Rocky)
Species: Puppet
Age: 50's/60's
Friends: Dr. Finn, Dr. Jake
Enemies: Gumball, Darwin, Anais, Nicole, Richard, Gaylord(usually, Rocky(usually), Ice King, Emperor Zurg
Relatives: Gaylord(husband), Rocky(son)
Occupation: Homemaker
First Appearance: The Family Battle
Voice: Teresa Gallagher
Margaret Robinson is the wife of The Wattersons' mortal enemy, Mr. Robinson. Despite her and her husband's constant bickering, they both love each other.


Mrs. Robinson has the same basic body structure of her husband. The main difference is that Mrs. Robinson has much larger hips and a curvier body shape. Her head is also not directly a part of her body, it is attached to her neck. Her yarn-like blonde hair is very plentiful, and most of it is kept up in a large beehive hairstyle, while the rest forms her bangs. She also wears a light-brown and white polka-dotted bow on her hair. Like her husband, she has a very large and protruding nose below her two beady eyes, which are bordered by what seems to be purple eyeshadow.

Her usual outfit consists of a white and brown zig-zagging shirt and a pair of dark brown jeans. She also appears to wear white pumps.


Similar to her husband, Mrs. Robinson is rarely in a happy mood. She makes no attempts at verbal communication, and instead she merely grunts and mutters her words resentfully. Even though she loves her husband very much, they almost never get along and it seems that they are always angry about something. Mrs. Robinson also seems to have some slightly-sadistic tendencies, such as cutting the flowers off of plants for no reason and only attending Mr. Robinson's performance to see him fail. SHES UGLY TOO!